Alternative Home Construction

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The best of alternative home construction at your fingertips...

There's a lot of information on this site with more being added all the

time. Stay tuned. It's well on its way to becoming the premier location

on the web for anyone looking for game-changing ideas and

inspiration on how to build for a better tomorrow.

Providing a forum for alternative builders everywhere to

network, share information and resources. And a showcase for

projects and innovations that are radically altering the way we think

about our housing needs.

From the best of traditional architecture and building techniques to the

latest high-tech wonder, from the simplest to the most complex,

Alternative Builder covers unique and innovative building ideas, as

well as social movements that offer real solutions to some of our

planet's biggest problems.

With housing demands having such a major impact on our lives and our

ecosystems, the need for outside-the-box thinking and genuine

sustainability is not something that can wait for another day. Alternative

home construction is not a novelty. It's a critical link in ensuring that our

collective future stays viable. It will require all the resourcefulness that

we are capable of.

From barrios to boardrooms, people from all walks of life are

transforming their communities and improving the lives of millions

around the world.

Tackling our biggest global problems, such as climate change,

shrinking resources and population growth with guts, determination and

ingenuity. Producing elegant and creative alternatives to the waste that

has characterized so much of the housing landscape all over our

beautiful but stressed-out planet.

Building with nature instead of against it.

A home is always more than just a roof overhead, with all the

potential to enhance and enrich our lives and all our interactions with

each other. I hope you'll enjoy this exploration of alternative home

construction developments from every corner of the world.

Here's to the good work of all you visionary designers and builders

out there... doing what you do...

because nobody else does

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